Saturday, July 11, 2009

Issue Of Stippin Out! Mag

I just wanted to post this Issue of Stippin Out because they only have it in New York and New Jersey and If you are not in New York or New Jersey you can just come and see it on me blog. Bye God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<< P.S Sorry 4 the little workS.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hard Working!! lol

Just a lil sketches for fun.

Paris Fashion Week Was Out Of This World!!!

Without a bevy of movie stars to amp up the wattage, the designs themselves took center stage at the haute couture shows in Paris. We're not complaining. Who needs Eva or Nicole or Rihanna when you've got John Galliano and Christian Lacroix at their wacky best? Sure, most of the looks were quite wearable, and no doubt we'll see them on the red carpet come awards season. But what most intrigued us were the outlandish looks, which we are all too delighted to present to you. We appreciate them for their inventiveness and, er, uniquely inspired nature.

FASHION POLICE: Pete Wentz Hates Belts

What did belts ever do to you, Pete Wentz? Why did you turn your ample tattooed back on such a convenient pants-holding device? Are you raging against the Beltinistas or some such?

There's no winning that fight. The Suspender Element of this society is only filled with clowns and mobsters who will lead you down a dark path of senseless, beltless crimes. Crimes...of fashion.

Also, as you know, part of being a man is avoiding dressing like Colonel Sanders. So it's time to grow up and put on your big-boy pants, those held up by a tidy strip of leather. Quickly, before li'l Bronx sees this.

Besides, by the looks of the ample ankles you're flashing, it wouldn't hurt if those pants did fall down a little. Or a lot.

Faux pas or fabulous? Join the Fashion Police patrol!

She got a big EGO!!! A lil to big.

MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: RAPPER THE GAME GOES IN ON BEYONCE … CLAIMS THAT SHE HAD SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH MULTIPLE NBA PLAYERS. OMG what is this all about. I dont think she would do anything like that to Jay-z. They sre very much in love.Thats what I think but what to you people think.

Daring!! Shes GaGa

Lady gaga took to music land by storm. She has alot of smash hits and everybody seems to love her. but I hope the daring things she do will not rik these 4 her.But you guys tell me what you think about lday gaga and her daring ways.

Maybe sleepy Wayne!!

Maybe they should call him Sleepy Wayne.

Lil Wayne is being sued by a Bahamas promoter, who accused the Lights Out rapper of happily taking a huge advance to perform in the tropical paradise only to wind up missing the gig because he was catching some Z's in his hotel room.

Talk about sleeping on the job.

The complaint, filed June 29 in New York Superior Court on behalf of Red City Entertainment and obtained by E! News, claims the company paid Lil Wayne a total of $432,000 to be the headliner at the Poppin' Bottles Concert held at the Bristol Wine and Spirits grounds on Sept. 26, 2008.

Red City's attorney, Glenn Gitomer, tells E! News that his client paid the hip-hopster a $210,000 advance. But not only did he not show up, Red City didn't get its money back.

"There were a lot of expenses incurred and he shows up in the Bahamas for this concert. He arrives late on the 26th and...complained about sound and lighting, and my client agreed to postpone the concert till the 27th, at which point he just didn't show up."

The promoter eventually called Nassau's finest to check on Lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., at which point Gitomer says they found him conked out in his hotel room.

"He said he wasn't going to perform," added the legal eagle. "Not only did Red City pay for a warm-up band, facilities and all the other concert expenses but also paid $210,000 for his attendance and $33,000 for the accommodations for he and his people," in addition to thousands of dollars in other expenses.

Embarrassed organizers later had to apologize to fans, vendors, venue workers, police, sponsors and media for the foul-up, not to mention refund thousands of dollars in tickets and exercise major damage control to save their good name.

As a result, Red City's taking Weezy to the cleaners in a bid to recoup its losses, claiming Lil Wayne didn't live up to his contract

The 26-year-old emcee's manager, Al Branch, did not respond to an email seeking comment