Friday, July 31, 2009


RUMOR: KANYE WEST SUPPOSEDLY CAUSED REGGIE BUSH TO BREAK UP WITH KIM KARDASHIAN!!! heard an interesting rumor going around about how Kanye Wet caused Kim K and Reggie Bush’s breakup. Here’s what FOX News is reporting:

“Reggie saw text messages on Kim’s phone from Kanye West and flipped out on her,” the source tells FOX411.

And these weren’t your average friendly messages.

“The texts referenced a night they hung out, how much fun he had, how hot Kim was, and more racy things that got Reggie’s imagination running,” says the source.

When Reggie confronted Kim about it, the couple had a huge blow-up, and jealousy issues, which had been pretty much kept out of their relationship until this incident ,surfaced, according to the insider.

“They realized there were trust issues on both sides, and couldn’t go forward,” says the source.

We doubt it’s true. Word on the street is that a couple of years back Kim K tried to give the azz to ‘Ye – but he turned it down.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Be Trying Hard. But Its Easy. lol

God is good to me. Sometimes I dont think I can do it. But I put me heart in to it and I make it happen. Just those took me 2 mouth to do. I had lots more but those didnt make the cut. Thanks for coming to my blog and keep coming cause I have lots more to come. Hope you guys enjoy. God Bless

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Didnt Know She Was A Cutter!!! LOL

After Demi Lovato appeared at the Miley Cyrus 16th birthday party, these pictures surfaced showing cuts on Demi’s left wrist. Although some are speculating that Demi could be a cutter, it’s more likely that someone actually scratched her, like Miley, or the scratches could be caused by a bracelet.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Alberta Ferretti Autumn

Denzell Sweeney (ME)got behind the camera for Alberta Ferretti's latest ad campaign for Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2009/2010. The sheer elements and nature-inspired palette of forest greens and deep purple jewel tones are beautifully depicted in an antique setting of old-world books and luxurious interiors.

a href="">

looks by Gareth Pugh, D&G, Burberry Prorsum, and John Galliano

Up coming. New 2009 and 2010 trend of the year. So make sure you guys keep it here and always check my blog out!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

London With London!

I just love london. On my way to london. I was thinking about the fog also I had on a london fog coat on. So thats way I did this post. London coat goes great with the fog of london. It just makes a really good fashion statement. Make sure you guys keep ckecking out my blog. I have some really good things going on. My next post will be some designs. I just hope you guys like it. Bye God Bless